Heartworm Remedy

Effective Heartworm treatment without poison.

These are the most frequently asked questions:

Q:  How long does my dog have to stay on this treatment?

A:  I would recommend 4 months for mild cases and a minimum of 6 months for moderate to severe cases. 


Q:  How do I administer the treatment?

A:  I put it in with Piper's meals. 


Q:  Can the treatment be used as a preventative?

A:  Absolutely!


Q:  My dog is coughing, how do I know if my dog has heartworms?

A:  The only way you can know is to have your dog tested. 


Q:  Do I need to keep my dog caged up and quiet the whole time he is on the treatment?

A:  For the first week, I would leash your dog so you do not encourage running and playing.


Q:  Is my dog going to feel better or worse while taking the treatment?

A:  Your dog will have good and bad days as the worms die off.  After a week, you should see a big difference.



Q:  How many doses do I get for the money?

A:  You get a three month supply.